Government plans to ‘make recycling easier’ to stop waste going to landfill – Sky News

Reports claimed ministers would hold a consultation to cut ‘wishcycling’ – the act of putting the wrong things in the recycling bin while hoping they can be reused. But the government insists they just want to make he process simpler.

The government is planning to “make recycling easier” by getting councils to collect the same materials from your doorstep.

Newspaper reports claimed ministers would ask people to put fewer items into recycling bins to reduce “wishcycling” – where people put items they hope are recyclable into the bin but inadvertently ruin a batch of waste for processing.

According to the i newspaper, the new guidance will be laid out to clarify what can and cannot go into kerbside bins. Items commonly thought to be recyclable include greasy pizza boxes, bioplastics, used paper towels and unwashed food containers.

But a government spokesperson denied the claim, saying: “We want to make recycling easier and more consistent so that all councils across England collect the same materials.

“This will make it easier for everyone to know what materials can be collected for recycling, which in turn will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

“That does not mean ‘recycling less’ or putting fewer items into recycling bins – but rather helping people to know what should and should not be recycled.

“Everyone is already encouraged to read the packaging so that they recycle the right materials and boost our growing recycling industry.”

A consultation was launched in 2021 by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) on how to improve the consistency of recycling in both homes and businesses. But while “wishcycling” may not be the government focus, it is a problem when it comes to kerbside collections.

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