The Technology

Goes beyond the usual benefits of a waste recycling process.

Innovative Technology
Our process uses innovative technology in that it prevents pollutant emissions and solid residues during processing, and in their deployment and operation.
Short Time Frame
The equipment can be built within a short time frame and installed in relatively small spaces.
Our technology runs a system that renders the plant 100% self-sustainable: it utilizes only 10% of its own produced bio-coal to heat the carbonisation oven.
Proprietary Technology
All gases from the enclosed pyrolysise process are retrieved and recuperated by a highly efficient distilling structure.

Waste Management & Pyrolysise

Municipal solid waste (MSW), commonly known as trash or garbage, is a waste type consisting of everyday items that are discarded by the public.

Bio-products, Recycling And Sustainability

With the carbonisation process almost complete, part of the solid waste is now transformed into charcoal (char ashes) and other solid products.

These solid products come out of the oven separated, clean and ready for the recycling industry. They are then sorted through a rotation metal tube according to the different types of materials contained in the carbonised waste: aluminium, glass, iron, copper, bronze, sand and rocks.

Paper & Cardboard 23%
Food 21%
Metal & Glass 12%
Plastic 12%
Wood & Garden Waste 19%
Textiles, Rubber & Leather 9%
Others including hazardous materials 3%

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