Pyrolysise gains tractions as application grows

Pyrolysise Ltd is looking for support for development of its first Waste Carbonisation Plant (WCP).

Carbonisation, which is an extreme form of Pyrolysis, featuring two chambers, is really gaining traction as a solution to process completely unsorted waste.

We have had a lot of interest from the industry and interestingly Water companies, seeking to process their waste, and turn this into bio-char, which is considered to be black gold:


This is much more acceptable than pumping out effluent directly into our rivers, completely illegally. This scandal has been in the news recently and the water companies are keen to resolve this issue.

The overall market is wide open, ripe for consolidation and desperate for an environmental solution that not only produces offtakes, emissions and particulate pollutants free, but offtakes that produce baseload power. 350 PPM is heavily involved and the WCPs will be branded as 350 Pyrolysise, to accentuate our environmental credentials.

Pyrolysise is still in its metaphorical nappies, but should be revenue positive within one year, solving many environmental and humanitarian problems, especially waste and housing.

Here’s the video:


Register for an IM below if your interested in having a look:


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