Bio Coal out of Waste

Our plant utilises its own produced fuel to operate 24 x7.


Patented Process

Pyrolysise has got exclusive rights to sell this technology across UK, Poland, India and Canada.


Environmental Protection

No toxic fumes released in the air and no disposal of residues into the environment.

Welcome to Pyrolysise

Pyrolysise’s Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCPs) process unsorted waste, emissions free, into marketable offtakes such as Mineral recyclables, Biochar, Bio-coal, Pyroligneous extract (which can be separated into tar, lignin, acidic water and bio-oils), electricity, heat and we expect, carbon credits. Our sister company in Australia explains this technology in detail in the video.


Transforming General Wastes into Marketable Products

Our exclusive and innovative waste transformation process that is self sustainable develops some of the highly marketable products.

Mineral Recyclables
Pyroligneous Extract
Carbon Credits
Thermo-Energy Generation

Latest Articles

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Origin of Pyrolysise

The process was created and developed in the Americas with the aim of minimising the environmental impacts of urban solid waste.

Pyrolysise Experts

Meet our leadership team.

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    Pyrolysise Ltd now plans to commercialise the Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCPs) in UK, Poland, India and Canada, through selling the systems to landfill waste companies, allowing these companies to continue absorbing new waste and also clear legacy waste from landfill.

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