We Are Pyrolysise

Our award winning innovative technology for the carbonisation of municipal solid waste is set apart from all others.

The Eradication of Landfills
Pyrolysise Ltd plans to commercialise the Waste Carbonisation Plants (WCPs) systems in Europe and Asia, through selling the systems to landfill waste companies, allowing these companies to continue absorbing new waste and also clear legacy waste from landfill.
A True Change Of The Game
Our Pyrolysise technology goes beyond the usual benefits of a waste recycling process. Our process uses innovative technology in that it mitigates pollutant emissions and solid residues during processing, and in their deployment and operation. The equipment can be built within six months, ready for shipping, and a typical five tonne per hour plant occupies a footprint of less than 1,000 sqm.
Other Technologies Versus Pyrolysise
Recycling does not cover all waste generated and its efficiency relies on the community engaging in separating recycling from non-recycling materials. Gasification and some other incineration formulas require hefty, complex capital investments and operating expenses, and do not eliminate emissions.
Highly Experienced Team
We have some of the very experienced pyrolysise experts on our team.

Pyrolysise Experts

Meet our leadership team.

Our Purpose & Values


Pyrolysise Ltd, with the licence to acquire, develop, sell as agent, install and consult on such projects for third parties stands ready to develop this technology across Europe and the developed and developing world.


  • Experienced Team
  • Innovative Technology
  • Bio-products & Recycling
  • Steady and sustainable growth.
  • Giving back to the community.