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eradicate landfill

We have appointed the multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, Stopford, to support site due diligence and plant compliance for use in the UK, working towards the target to have our first UK plant operational by Q3 2024. Two potential industrial sites have already been identified specifically for the purpose of a pilot programme for three tonnes per hour plant converting municipal/medical waste

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Biochar technology is showing real potential for helping to mitigate climate change as well as reducing waste and producing energy as a byproduct. But what exactly is biochar and what is it made of? Biochar, or “black gold”, is a lightweight black residue made of carbon and ashes, remaining after heating biomass in a controlled

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We are introducing new waste carbonisation technology with zero toxic emissions as a game-changing solution to reduce greenhouse gases by mining landfill and reclaiming redundant and contaminated land. John Bell, Managing Director of Pyrolysise, said: “Our technology goes way beyond the usual benefits of a waste recycling process and has huge potential for us to

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