Chris Farmer

Project Manager

Chris is a Chartered Surveyor, qualifying in 1997 specialising in minerals, waste and environmental management. He has worked in the mineral extraction and waste management sectors for 25 years, with management positions held at Tarmac, Biffa, Shanks and Enovert. Since 2011, Chris has run his own waste brokerage and consultancy business, achieving sales over £40M from a start-up.
Over the years, Chris has been involved in a wide range of disciplines including quarry and landfill site development, the construction of built waste management infrastructure, site acquisition, business integration and competitive bidding under the Private Finance Initiative. Chris has also remediated a number of sites blighted by waste following business failure and worked with insolvency practitioners to recover waste assets.
He has also managed the shipment of tens of thousands of tonnes of residual waste into the German market for energy recovery and led the removal of large volumes of hazardous material during the decommissioning of Rio Tinto Zincs aluminium production facility at Holyhead, Anglesey.

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